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Evidence Based

M3 Clinician was validated in a study performed at the University of North Carolina, and published in the Annals of Family Medicine. It was shown to effectively screen for Depression, Bipolar Disorder and a range of Anxiety Disorders, including PTSD, using a single 27-item, patient-rated, evidence-based screen.

Clinical Decision Support at the Point of Care

M3 Clinician provides an individualized patient assessment geared toward early detection,co-morbid illness, and identifying people in distress irrespective of their particular diagnosis. Meanwhile, its dimensional subscores help to place patients on a clinical map, leading the clinician toward the appropriate diagnosis. M3 Clinician facilitates longitudinal monitoring and communication among the care team members in a medical home environment.

One screen for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and PTSD

About the M3 Score

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Accountable Care

M3 Clinician enables providers to quickly and accurately screen for a wide range of mood and anxiety disorders. M3 helps find unidentified cases, avoid mistreatment and allows you to monitor patients over time. Clinicians can feel assured that they are administering an evidence-based personalized treatment plans for each of their patients.

As many as 70% of all primary care visits are precipitated by underlying mental health issues. Being able to avoid the complications and confusion that such symptoms often bring is naturally a valuable asset. By promoting early detection, M3 Clinician can forestall disease progression, and prevent unnecessary ED visits, and hospitalizations.